Two tips to keep in mind if you plan to hire a professional to clean your retail space

4 February 2019
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If you have decided to use a commercial cleaning service in order to keep your retail space clean and hygienic, you should keep the following tips in mind. Ask them to use fragrance-free cleaning products You should ask the cleaner that the company sends to use fragrance-free cleaning products. There are a few reasons why you should ask them to do this.  The first is that the scent from a fragranced cleaning product can linger for quite a while after it has been used to clean a surface. Read More 

Reasons why you should have your carpet dyed instead of replacing it

26 September 2018
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Furnishing all the areas in your home that require carpets such as living rooms and bedrooms is a considerable investment given how costly good-quality carpets are. It is therefore in your interest to take adequate care of your carpet so that they last a long time. However, no matter how much attention you give to your carpet, they are bound to get dirty. While your first instinct when cleaning your carpet is to vacuum it clean or take it to professional carpet cleaning services, sometimes stains can be tough to get rid of. Read More 

Preserving Your Gown through Professional Wedding Dress Cleaning

21 May 2018
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Your wedding dress is one of the main attractions on your big day. And after the ceremony, you may wonder what to do with it. Some people may choose to sell their gown for profit, whereas others may donate it to a good cause. But if you want to put it into storage as a keepsake from your wedding day, then it is critical to ensure that it is preserved as best as it possibly can. Read More 

3 Useful Tips to Salvage Waterlogged Office Furniture

26 February 2018
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You walk into your office one morning only to find the entire place flooded. Lucky for you, the documents in the cabinets and on top of the desks are safe and dry. Unfortunately, your wooden office desks, chairs, and upholstery are half-soaked with water. Besides the fact that there won't be any work this particular morning, you may also end up incurring furniture replacement costs. What can you do salvage the furniture and minimise the losses? Read More 

A Few Tips to Remember When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

1 December 2017
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It's always good for a company owner or manager to hire a commercial cleaning company, rather than assuming that employees can or should keep the office clean on their own. Cleaning an office, and especially a production area of any sort, can be more complicated than you realize, and your employees have better things to do with their time than empty trash and run a vacuum cleaner! When you are ready to hire a commercial cleaning company for your office or other facility, note a few tips that will help you choose the right company, and ensure the work gets done properly. Read More