Tips On Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Contractor for Your Residential Apartment Block

22 February 2017
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If you have been tasked with the job of sourcing a carpet and upholstery cleaning company to clean the furnishings in the community areas of your apartment complex, there are a number of things to be considered.

Here's a helpful guide on how to choose the right professional cleaning company for your development.


Although your building should have insurance for the interior furnishings in all the communal areas, you should still check that a professional cleaning company is fully insured with Contractors Insurance cover. Having the correct insurance gives you peace of mind that the company you're considering is professional and not just some cowboy outfit.

Equipment and training

Ask the company about the equipment that they use. Carpet cleaning machines should be steam cleaners of industrial grade, not just cheap day-hire pieces of kit from your local tool hire shop. Steam cleaning machines are more effective and they don't saturate your carpets. Your residents should be able to walk on the carpets within an hour or so of the cleaning having been completed. Good quality equipment will ensure a better job with less chance of damage to your carpets.

There's no point in providing expensive cleaning equipment if the operatives using it are not properly trained. Ask whether all the company's staff members hold industry approved certification, before you let them loose your carpets.

The company itself should be a member of the relevant trade association. Membership will ensure that all the company operatives are fully up to date with the latest methods and training.

Get several quotes

You should always try to obtain at least three quotes before you settle on a supplier. Each company should be happy to come out to your premises and provide you with a free quote, without obligation to proceed.

The quote should then be provided to you in writing on proper company letterhead, not just on a scrap of paper. Remember that you will need a proper written quote to provide to your strata property management company for their approval before you can hire anyone.

Don't be tempted to pick the cheapest quote; in the world of carpet and upholstery cleaners, you often get what you pay for.

When choosing a professional carpet cleaning firm to take care of the routine, regular maintenance of the carpets and upholstery in the communal areas of your shared building, use the guidelines given above to ensure that you make the right choice.