How Is Professional Carpet Shampooing Better Than a DIY Job?

17 August 2017
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When your home's carpeting starts looking a bit dingy and dirty, and you know it's holding far more dust and dirt than your vacuum cleaner can remove, it's time to get that carpeting shampooed. A good shampooing will lift more dust and dirt than standard vacuums can remove, and will also help to restore the colour of the carpet fibres, making it feel softer underfoot.

While you can rent a machine and shampoo your home's carpeting yourself, you might note a few differences between professional carpet cleaning and a DIY job. This will ensure your carpets are properly cleaned and come out looking their best!


Not all carpet shampoos are alike, but you may have a limited choice of detergents to go with your rented machine. Many detergents available at stores are very diluted, so that they don't wind up stripping carpets of colour or damaging the fibres. In turn, you may find that your DIY job is not successful in thoroughly cleaning the carpets, no matter how many times you run the machine over the surface of the carpeting. This can then result in a waste of water and a waste of your time!


Shampooing your carpet will get them cleaner than if you don't shampoo them, but those carpets still may not be actually sanitised by a shampoo or detergent alone. This can result in carpet surfaces that are not hygienic for crawling babies or smell pets. A sanitiser is also good to use if anyone in the home has allergies, sensitivities, or any type of breathing disorders. A professional carpet cleaning company can sanitise the carpeting after it's been shampooed, ensuring that the carpeting is safe and hygienic.

Machine used

When you shampoo your own carpets, you may use a scrubber in order to remove as much dirt and dust as possible. However, the rotating heads of a carpet scrubber may be too rough on delicate fibres, or may pull apart the fibres of a certain cut of carpeting. Those brushes may also be ineffective against a very low pile, or may get slowed down when shampooing high-pile carpeting. In these cases, a steam clean with just steam and shampoo, and an extraction, can be the better option. A professional carpet cleaner will know the best tools to use for the carpeting material, cut, and level of dirt and grime the carpeting is holding, so it looks its best and is not damaged in the cleaning process.