A Few Tips to Remember When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

1 December 2017
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It's always good for a company owner or manager to hire a commercial cleaning company, rather than assuming that employees can or should keep the office clean on their own. Cleaning an office, and especially a production area of any sort, can be more complicated than you realize, and your employees have better things to do with their time than empty trash and run a vacuum cleaner! When you are ready to hire a commercial cleaning company for your office or other facility, note a few tips that will help you choose the right company, and ensure the work gets done properly.

Know what you want beforehand

A cleaning company is not like an employee that is on the clock for eight hours per day, so that you can ask them to do whatever needs to be done during that time. Instead, a cleaning company usually charges you according to the work that is expected of them, and asking them to do anything additional will then result in added charges.

This is why it's good to know what you want to have done before you even meet with a potential cleaning company representative; be sure you include all details of that cleaning, such as wiping down baseboards, cleaning light fixtures, and wiping out drinking fountains. This will ensure all these jobs get done properly and that a cleaning company won't need to adjust their charges once they begin working for you.

Note delicate surfaces

If your office has marble benchtops, an antique conference room table, or antique furniture in the waiting room, you want to point these out to a cleaning company representative. Cleaners may not readily recognize delicate surfaces that need extra care or speciality cleaning materials, and might use a harsh cleanser or cleaning tool to address those items, causing damage. Be sure you note any delicate or specialty surface or furniture piece when doing a walk-through with a potential cleaner, to avoid this risk.

Don't overlook any room of the building

As a business owner, you may easily overlook a filing room, a room for shredding paperwork, a restroom in the shipping and receiving area, and other such spaces in your own facility. Do a walk-through with department heads, a secretary for each department, or anyone and everyone else on staff before you hire a cleaning company, so your employees can point out all areas of the building or office that need attention, and no space is overlooked by you or the cleaning crew.