Preserving Your Gown through Professional Wedding Dress Cleaning

21 May 2018
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Your wedding dress is one of the main attractions on your big day. And after the ceremony, you may wonder what to do with it. Some people may choose to sell their gown for profit, whereas others may donate it to a good cause. But if you want to put it into storage as a keepsake from your wedding day, then it is critical to ensure that it is preserved as best as it possibly can. Before going into storage, the gown has to be properly laundered. And while a regular dry cleaning service may seem convenient, the truth is your gown will require professional care. This article highlights ways professional wedding dress cleaning will preserve your gown.

Wedding dress cleaning is individualised

An oversight some brides make when looking to launder their wedding dress being unaware that regular dry cleaning is typically a one-size-fits-all concept. Thus, dry cleaning is suited for laundering most garments making it convenient for the masses. However, when it comes to your wedding gown, it is likely that you had it custom made to suit your liking. Hence, it may comprise intricate patterns, unique embellishments and unique fabrics to enhance its appeal. A professional wedding dress cleaning service will put this into consideration and assess your gown prior laundering. Some of the elements that they will analyse are the stitching on the dress, the decorative details as well as the type of fabric.

Wedding dress cleaning locates hidden stains

When it comes to your wedding dress, some of the most damaging stains that it could acquire are the ones that are not immediately visible. For example, beverages such as white wine will typically appear clear on your dress once they dry. Nonetheless, if the wine contains sugar, the compounds will eventually caramelise over time, which causes distinct brown stains that could end up becoming permanent! So while you assume your wedding gown has been thoroughly dry cleaned, you will be surprised to find it yellowing at an alarming rate after you put it into storage. The preservationists have an uncanny ability to spot to locate these lurking stains and eliminate them in their entirety, restoring the newness of your wedding dress.

Wedding dress cleaning provides airtight sealing

A mistake some brides make with their wedding dress is merely hanging it back up in their closet and assume that it will stay in good condition. The reality is, just as your clothes are prone to damage from moth larvae and silverfish, so is your gown. When you choose to have the dress professionally cleaned, the preservationist will provide airtight sealing of the box to prevent the chance of discolouration and ageing that comes about when oxidation occurs.