Two tips to keep in mind if you plan to hire a professional to clean your retail space

4 February 2019
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If you have decided to use a commercial cleaning service in order to keep your retail space clean and hygienic, you should keep the following tips in mind.

Ask them to use fragrance-free cleaning products

You should ask the cleaner that the company sends to use fragrance-free cleaning products. There are a few reasons why you should ask them to do this. 

The first is that the scent from a fragranced cleaning product can linger for quite a while after it has been used to clean a surface. If the product that has been used is a spray, tiny particles of it may also land and then linger on the products you have out on display in your shop. Whilst you might find the particular scent of the product that the cleaner uses to be quite pleasant, it is possible that many of your customers will dislike it (as scent preferences differ wildly from person to person). A lot of people are sensitive to strong smells and may find the presence of a lingering smell from a cleaning product to be quite off-putting, so much so that they might decide to leave your retail space without buying anything.

Secondly, if dozens of people visit your shop each day, there is a very good chance that at least a few of them might have respiratory disorders or allergies and that the symptoms of these conditions will be exacerbated by inhaling the fragranced residue of the cleaning chemicals your cleaner has applied to the surfaces around your premises. As such, it is best to simply tell the cleaner to use products which are fragrance-free.

Instruct them not to let the floors air-dry after they mop them in the mornings

If the cleaner will be cleaning your premises in the mornings before your shop opens, then you should instruct them not to allow the freshly mopped floors to air dry, but to instead dry them off completely, using either kitchen roll or clean cloths. If the floor is not dry when your customers arrive and start walking around your shop, they could end up slipping on this wet surface. If their fall results in them being injured, they might sue you. This could lead to a long and expensive legal battle. Given this, it is best to ask your cleaner to make sure that the floors in your shop are fully dry before they leave.