Two Precautions to Take if You Will Be Using a Garbage Chute When Deep-Cleaning Your Home

17 July 2019
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There are a few important precautions that you should consider taking if you plan to use a rented garbage chute when deep-cleaning your home. Continue reading to find out more.

Ask for a chute that comes with a cover for the top of it if you have a young child or any pets

If you have a young child or any pets who will be present whilst the chute is in use, then you should ask the cleaning firm that you will be renting the chute from for a cover for the top of it. There are a number of reasons why you will need a cover in this situation.

The first is that if the chute is left uncovered whilst your pet is near the window or balcony where the top of the chute is located, they could potentially attempt to climb into it. This could lead to them either getting trapped in the chute or sliding down it into the bin that has been placed at the end of it; in either case, they could be injured.

The second reason is that if your young child comes across the chute, they may decide to pick up random objects that they find nearby and throw them into it, just for fun. If they throw valuable and breakable items, such as your smartphone, a crystal vase or some expensive jewellery down the chute, there is a very good chance that these goods will shatter when they land in the bin and end up being destroyed.

However, if you have the cleaning company provide a cover for the chute and you place this over the chute's opening each time you leave it alone, the likelihood of the above-mentioned incidents happening will be extremely low.

Make sure that the parts of your property's exterior to which the chute is attached are stable

Most portable garbage chutes are not designed to be completely freestanding; instead, they are meant to be attached to a wall or another stable surface. As such, after arriving at your property with the chute, the cleaning company's delivery driver will ask you to show them which parts of your home you want them to attach the chute. Before you tell them where to place it, you should check the stability of the areas of the building where you have been thinking of putting this equipment. For example, if you intend to connect the top of the chute to the railing around your balcony, you should inspect this railing to ensure that it is completely secure and does not move when you lean on it.

If the chute is attached to, for example, a wobbly balcony railing, this railing might collapse when it is subjected to the combined weight of the chute and any heavy rubbish that is thrown into it. This could then lead to this railing and the chute detaching and landing on your garden, patio or driveway. This, in turn, could damage these parts of your property and result in the cleaning company having to repair the chute and then reattach it to a different area of your home.