A Few Tips to Remember When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

1 December 2017
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It's always good for a company owner or manager to hire a commercial cleaning company, rather than assuming that employees can or should keep the office clean on their own. Cleaning an office, and especially a production area of any sort, can be more complicated than you realize, and your employees have better things to do with their time than empty trash and run a vacuum cleaner! When you are ready to hire a commercial cleaning company for your office or other facility, note a few tips that will help you choose the right company, and ensure the work gets done properly. Read More 

4 Tips for Keeping a Wool Carpet Clean

25 October 2017
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Have you got a beautiful wool carpet you're not sure how to care for? When cleaning wool, there are a few special rules you need to take into consideration to avoid damage. Using harsh cleaning products, cleaning with water that's too warm, or over-wetting the rug could cause it to become damaged or deformed. Follow the tips below to keep your carpet clean without any disasters. 1. Vacuum the Rug Regularly  Read More 

Reasons to Opt For Skip Hire for Your Waste Disposal Needs

4 September 2017
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Some homeowners may associate the use of skip bins with major construction projects on their premises such as remodelling, constructing an extension and more. Although skips are highly functional for these applications, they are not designed to be exclusively used for these purposes. As a matter of fact, skip hire would be beneficial to you no matter what your waste disposal needs are, large or small scale. Skip hire would be a good investment whether you are engaging in a spot of landscaping, de-cluttering your residence or even looking to clean your home before relocating. Read More 

How Is Professional Carpet Shampooing Better Than a DIY Job?

17 August 2017
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When your home's carpeting starts looking a bit dingy and dirty, and you know it's holding far more dust and dirt than your vacuum cleaner can remove, it's time to get that carpeting shampooed. A good shampooing will lift more dust and dirt than standard vacuums can remove, and will also help to restore the colour of the carpet fibres, making it feel softer underfoot. While you can rent a machine and shampoo your home's carpeting yourself, you might note a few differences between professional carpet cleaning and a DIY job. Read More 

Many Residential Rubbish Removal Companies in Australia Accept These Types of Household Waste

17 July 2017
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With different types of solid waste being produced in homes, many homeowners may find it difficult to dispose of the waste items the right way. Thankfully, Australia is home to numerous businesses that offer a broad range of residential rubbish removal services, depending on the type of solid waste that homeowners need hauled away from their properties.  Here are some common types of household waste that a residential rubbish removal company can collect from your property. Read More